KSF proudly support Wadeye (pronounced Wad-air); a town in the Northern Territory that is home to Australia’s largest Aboriginal community. It was formerly known (and is still often referred to) as Port Keats. KSF Founder Rhonda Renwick and her family have had strong links to this community since 2003. Her son-in-law Justin Crawley and daughter Rebecca Crawley have spent numerous years living in Wadeye working with the community.

Rhonda’s son Gregor Renwick lives in Wadeye, and works in the Wadeye language centre assisting Sister Tess and her team to create books in Wadeye’s official dialect, Murrinpatha. Rhonda’s sister Margo Northey also lives in the community and manages the women’s centre. It’s only natural that the Foundation builds on the links that Rhonda and her family have with the community.

Most recently, KSF partnered with Kidney Health Australia (KHA) to organise a kidney health festival in Wadeye. See more on our events page Wadeye Health Festival Success. Wadeye’s school, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic School (OLSHTCS) has just had its very fist bubbler installed, to provide the children with clean, running water, read more at Water for Wadeye Children.

KSF provides ongoing support to Palngun Wurnangat Association (PWA), a women’s organisation based in Wadeye. PWA oversee a range of community-based projects designed to preserve and promote indigenous culture and tradition, while fostering self-sustaining organisations run by and for indigenous people. Their success stories include mentoring, employment, an art workshop, takeaway, community hub, cafe, laundromat, and IT services. The PWA also provides a much needed safe place for women and their babies.

The Kakadu plum (billygoat plum) is “the world’s richest source of Vitamin C and native to the woodlands of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. It has 50x the Vitamin C of oranges, and is a major source of food for tribes where it grows.” (Kamenev, 2011). Because of the high vitamin content, Kakadu plum powder is sought internationally for health products, cosmetics, medicines, and more. KSF have supported PWA to purchase equipment and establish policies and procedures to ensure long-term stability of the venture. This will provide up to 200 seasonal picking jobs and the shared income will support growth and investment in other key areas.