The Thathangathay Foundation (TTF) aims to improve the lives of the indigenous people of the Thamurrur region in the Northern Territory through identifying and developing its future leaders. Young people are provided with support and the opportunity to be in control of their future. Participants are given the skills and training to empower them to make strong and informed choices about their future. TTF works closely with both the Wadeye (NT) and Bright (Vic) communities. Both communities benefit from the cultural exchange and the understanding of the two very different worlds and cultures they represent.

TTF has enjoyed the generous support of the KSF on many levels and across many projects, over a number of years. KSF has provided substantial financial assistance as well as invaluable in kind support and guidance on many levels. Thathangathay’s relationship with KSF is bound by common purpose and the belief that communities can be empowered to create lasting and positive change through a supportive rather than dependent relationship. To find out more about the initiatives of the foundation, visit The Thathangathay Foundation website.