Tangentyere Artists (TA) is an organisation offering real opportunities to some of Australia’s most disadvantaged citizens.

Town Camp residents in Alice Springs endure some of Australia’s most challenging physical and social conditions, missing out on many of the things we take for granted – shelter, electricity, sealed roads, and a feeling of safety in their own homes. Many of these impoverished locals are talented artists, a calling which is significant to Indigenous culture. Aboriginal art comes in many forms, and plays a part in ceremonies and traditions. There has been a significant decline in Indigenous art sales since the GFC, seeing many art galleries in Central Australia closing down or fighting to survive. Artists themselves are then vulnerable to unscrupulous dealers, offering instant cash or rewards, undervaluing the art and exploiting the artists themselves.

Tangentyere Artists is an umbrella organisation offering Town Camp residents an ethical outlet to display, promote, and sell their artwork, and opportunities for training and employment. Today Tangentyere employs 4 fulltime, 1 part time, and 3 casual staff, and has over 480 artists on the books, although mainly works with a core group of 60-80. Given that the income from one artists can affect the lives of 20-30 family members, the economic significance of this project is immense. With sales slowing through traditional means, advancing the online presence of TA is vital, and this is where KSF can help.

KSF supports TA in their efforts to integrate into today’s Northern Territory and Australian tourism markets, to ensure they can continue doing what it does best: supporting individuals to earn income and develop skills; and lead the way in sustainable community development.