ELP LogoAboriginal people living in remote parts of Australia are asking for help to establish businesses to create new opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities. Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) provides capacity building support to enable people to learn about business and build the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to launch their own ventures. With ongoing mentoring and support, Aboriginal entrepreneurs are creating sustainable ventures that have widespread positive social and economic impacts.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Aboriginal people living in remote Australia face extreme economic marginalisation. The lack of opportunity for people to meaningfully participate in the economy has resulted in severe poverty and disadvantage. At the same time, they have access to wisdom and culture that Australia and the rest of the world is hungry for. There is an opportunity for this to be shared through business, and people are seeking the support they need to engage in business development.

How will this project solve this problem?

Through the provision of capacity building support, ELP enables Aboriginal people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to establish business ventures and create new opportunities for economic participation. From the seed of an idea to piloting and facilitating specialist support, ELP partners with individuals and communities to bring their ideas to life. This creates new economic opportunities for individuals, families and communities in remote Australia.

Potential Long Term Impact

ELP’s capacity building support increases the quality of life for people living in remote Australia by fostering: Social inclusion Economic participation Social and emotional well-being Education This results in: Lower suicide rates Stronger families Improved outcomes for children Lower crime rates Lower Incarceration rates Lower rates of domestic violence Reduced dependence on welfare Increased life opportunities Increased life expectancy

Check out this 12 minute mini documentary –  ‘Business in the Bush‘.

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