The Latrobe Valley community has formed an organisation to raise funds to build an orphanage and boarding school to serve the needs of an ever-growing population of orphans and homeless children in Bor, South Sudan. The strategy to fund the project is though co-operation with friends, schools, churches, international organisations and private donations.

BOCEP believes that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle and recovering from the catastrophic effects of war. Regardless of race, political or religious beliefs, we strive to provide orphans and families in need, opportunities for education and provide communities with support and training towards breaking the poverty cycle.

From Australia to Africa – BOCEP organised a shipping container of supplies to be sent to Bor – packed wall to wall with food, clothing, and other supplies.

Children’s Illustrations – Children from the South Sudanese community of Traralgon hand crafted illustrations for their book – Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes– a collection of real stories detailing their thoughts and feelings as South Sudanese refugee children living in Australia.This book and two others, ‘In My Kingdom’ and ‘All The Way Home’ are available at the BOCEP online shop or at one of the 33 ISHKA stores throughout Australia.

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